Australian Open

Serena Williams Still Doubtful for the 2018 Australian Open

Not much has been happening in the world of tennis over the last few weeks, as tennis fans and enthusiasts are waiting for the 2018 campaign to kick-off. The new season will once again pose a lot of questions that need to be answered in the first few weeks. One of those first questions for the 2018 season may be the availability of Serena Williams at the Australian Open. The high-profile tennis star will gain an automatic entry into the Australian Open as a result of the 22-rank deadline for entries. Serena, now a mom, struggles with different kind of problems.

This is easier for the likes of Serena Williams, who has made her name as one of the top 107 players to make it to the tournament automatically. The key question is with regard to the interest levels from Serena Williams after having been part of several such tournaments in the past. There appears to be a greater possibility of the Australian Open fans being treated to the presence of Serena, as tournament director Craig Tiley claims that the 36-year-old has once again resumed training in the hope of going it will at the 2018 Australian Open.

The American has been able to win every Grand Slam in her career, while she was the recipient of the Australian Open title back in 2017. She has been able to lift seven Australian Open titles since her first success in 2003. Hence, the organisers would appreciate the availability of such a global star like Serena Williams in their ranks – even if Australian Open is one of the biggest tennis events in the world and the curtain raiser to a new campaign.

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