Nadal: Tension was too much

nadalpantsTension is no strange feeling at the Laver Cup. It is all about levels. And this time, that level was appreciably higher than usual for Rafael Nadal, who ended up doing something on the sidelines that, well, it is kind of a big deal now. Some would cringe at it. Some would appreciate it.
Even though Nick Kyrgios was one match point ahead, it was not enough to stem a backhand onslaught by Roger Federer who ultimately took the game away from him and Laver Cup along with it.
The match took place in Prague. But as sensational as Federer’s victory was at the center of the court, the sidelines did not turn out to be too boring either while Rafa was there. In a moment of extreme tension about how proceedings were going center court, Rafa gripped his shorts in pure frustration as the odds seemed to favor Kyrgios many times in the match.
Had Kyrgios managed to secure a victory that would have resulted in even scores for Team World and Team Europe and consequently, a doubles final to decide the winner. Nadal certainly was not keen to play that.
“It was tough,” Kyrgios said about losing to Federer, “When I’m playing for myself, sometimes I don’t put the greatest effort in. When I play with these guys I’m playing for something as a team.
“I’m playing for the whole team. It’s the same in Davis Cup. I’m playing for the country, playing for the guys on the bench.”

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