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Rafael Nadal v Kevin Anderson – the unexpected final of the US Open (Odds & Live Streaming)

This final will be, for sure, a big moment in the careers of both players. If Rafa wins, he will strengthen his position at the top of the ATP Rankings and also add one more Slam to his already incredibile record of 15 Grand Slam titles. No one could predict at the start of the US Open that Nadal, who had big problems getting past the first rounds, will reach the final, especially after some disappointing performances following Roland Garros. But his tennis improved a lot in just two weeks and he proved once again that, on a good form, he can defeat anyone, anytime.
The semifinal against Del Potro was exactly like this. He started slow and lost the first set but then he crushed the Argentinian with 6-0, 6-2, 6-3, playing a stellar tennis.
On the other side of the net, Kevin Anderson must be overwhelmed. The South African is at the peak of his career at the US Open and he will try to defend his (rather small) chances in this final. The serve, his main feature, worked perfectly in the previous matches, but with Nadal this might not be enough. In the semifinal, the Spaniard returned most of Del Potro’s “missiles” and he also had no trouble fighting the Argentinian’s forehand, so Kevin Anderson will face a very tough match. At first glance, the final looks like a quick one, with Nadal winning in three sets. We’ll see what happens.

Now, for the live streaming, I will send you to, which seems to update their streams regularly. However, you can catch the action live on most tv stations all over the world.

As expected, the odds are against Kevin Anderson (7.00 – that’s 700% return), while Nadal has 1.12 (12% return, still pretty good considering this is the outcome everyone is expecting). Prepare for the odds to go down a lot for Nadal after the start of the match.

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