Nick Kyrgios Has a Practice Session with Twitter Fan

A lucky Twitter follower managed to score a practice session with Australian Tennis player Nick Kyrgios right before his face-off with fellow countryman, Matt Reid in Montreal on Tuesday.
Despite coming off a few injuries, Kyrgios appears to be in great touch after nailing a victory over Viktor Troicki of Serbia on Monday, his first win in over two months. But it also came out that the Australian has a great sense of humour too when he responded to one of his fans on twitter, Mathieu Marshall, on Saturday.
“@NickKyrgios I’m at Rogers cup on Tuesday, I know this is a long shot but could we hit for 5 minutes if you’re practicing? That’d be dope!” was Marshall’s tweet. Kyrgios’ response did not disappoint. “Sure, hit me up when u there,” he tweeted. As appreciation grew more for the gesture, Nick followed through with another tweet. “Also anyone at Rogers cup throughout the week can come on
my practice court and chill and hit if u want.” he tweeted. As promised, Nick and Marshall hit with each other during that practice session on Tuesday.
“He had his racquet and he was ready to go. He was on the side of the court, he said ‘Nick you owe my five minutes’. He was pretty direct,” Nick said of Marshall, “I was like ‘man, come on wheneveryou want’ and we had a lot of fun today.”
“He was pretty good as well. I actually used it as a bit of training. It’s always fun, if I’m able to makesomeone’s day even for five minutes then I’m happy to do it.”

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